About The Oils

The base oil I primarily use is almond oil.  This can be plain and scent free or blended with essential oils. 

I also have grapeseed, coconut and baby oil.

Because of the oils used, it is very important that I am made aware of any allergies or intolerances.  

After the massage it is recommended that you allow the oil to sink into your skin to allow maximum benefit from the essential oils.

Below are some of the more popular blends:


  • Simple lavender: The benefits of lavender are well known back to ancient times. Ideal for uncomplicated relaxation, superb for helping with insomnia.
  • esSensual: A blend of ylang-ylang, jasmine and rose. An invigorating cocktail, designed to energise and wake up the senses.
  • Zoning out: Containing camomile, lavender and rose, this blend will have you drifting off to a place of pure relaxation.
  • The Minty Pizza: The unusual blend of basil and thyme with peppermint is a perfect balance for people looking to help with joint ease
  • After Ibiza: Lavender's soothing properties are well known and blended with peppermint's cooling nature.  Ideal for those aches after too much partying.